We don’t only seek focus on customers service but we are a center were we try to help and serve the people. So for these reason we not only sell medical marijuana and other medical items to help the medical needs of our clients but we also provide a career opportunity for any person who will love to join our dynamic working team so that together we can all grow and provide the best of services that our clients need from . so if you are able, qualified and willing to work you can fine some career opportunities that is fine for  you and apply now for a job as our doors are open to recruit. Fine job categories bellow and choose that which fits you by fill the form on our applications page.

  • Growers/Master grower,

  • Trimmers,

  • Bud tenders,

  • Oil extractors

    Once your form is received an HR personnel will respond to you within 24 hours for the follow up of your employment to join our Team. Good Luck!