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Buy Bubble Gum Online Bubble Gum is a hybrid strain that gets its name from its sweet almost candy-like smell. It produces a well-balanced body and head buzz that is relaxing and euphoric. This great tasting strain was originally grown in Indiana in the 1970s. It took many years, but Amsterdam growers were eventually able to stabilize the strain and produce consistent results. Medical users find Bubble Gum relieves muscle soreness and inflammation and is great for fast pain relief.

Most users will be able to handle Bubble Bomb’s potency as she tops out at only 20% THC. Her nugs are the poster children for gorgeous weed with a dark green color, dense structure, and small yet frosty white trichomes. Strong notes of both bubblegum and lemon mix together as you smoke, causing your mouth to water and the air around you to be rich with a pleasant aroma.

As with many of the strains in the Bomb family, Bubble Bomb takes her job seriously and imparts super-intense effects that last for hours. Initially, a sensation of creativity will wash over you and you may become pretty insightful with your thoughts. Especially as your brain reaches new heights of euphoria. This won’t last long, however, because even though you may retain your inkling for socialization, you’ll experience a super stoney and hazy feeling that eventually just leads to couch lock.

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